About Max

The magic of Max the Magician is world class, mystifying, and completely entertaining. Max involves everyone – and it’s good clean family fun entertainment. The props are colorful and professional, the magic is baffling and the comedy is hilarious. The show is as enjoyable on a showroom stage as it is in a hotel convention room to top off a banquet. Your $100 might be burned to ashes. Water may vanish from above your head. Doves may appear and magically transport to other locations. A large friendly rabbit may appear from thin air. You might survive a hilarious knife throwing farce. Your very mind may be entered and the contents made known to all. The CEO of your company might wind up with a toilet plunger on his head, unbeknownst by him. (Oh yeah – you will get your $100 back…eventually)

Max has performed for clients at the New York, New York Hotel, Flamingo Hotel, Circus Circus and many others in Las Vegas to say the least. He has performed for such companies as McDonald’s, Home Depot, ReMax and Staples. Whether it’s customer appreciation, product launch, employee banquet after-dinner entertainment, keynotes, or a fast fun start for a company meeting, Max’s comedy magic fits the bill.

Although Max mostly performs for corporate events, his show is also excellent for schools, clubs, church groups, private bookings, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showrooms, fairs, festivals, cruise ships, colleges, and political events. Max even performed at a funeral once! (Actually a fake funeral, it was an elaborate practical joke!)